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Counseling & Psychotherapy in New York City


As an experienced Psychotherapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor in New York City I know it's vital for my busy, professional clients to feel quickly understood and effectively helped when feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or anxious in any aspect of their lives.

I offer compassionate, effective Therapy, Counseling & Life Coaching tailored to the needs and goals of each unique person. 

I work with a wide range of professionals in New York of various ages and lifestyles.  My intention, first and foremost, is to provide an inspiring place where people can think out loud and explore all that may be on their minds-- and in their way. I work interactively with my clients to quickly understand what's specifically going on for them, reduce any negative symptoms, and to uncover any roadblocks that are in the way of a more fulfilling life. I feel it's integral to get to the root of any upsetting feelings that cause anxiety, depression, or confusion relating to personal issues, relationships, family or any profesional consideration.

Many people begin working with me by expressing a curious, motivated desire to bring about some change to their lives. I offer a warm, open space to explore this idea. Together we will develop a greater awareness of all that impacts you and your personal and professional life. I also collaborate with various clinicians and practicioners in the fields of medicine, fitness, nutrition and bodywork to provide comprehensive and holistic care of mind and body.

My expertise is in working with successful, creative thinkers including gay and straight individuals, couples and families of varied lives and professions. Located conveniently in the Flatiron/Chelsea area, I can also be available to speak/meet remotely as schedules demand. I have extensive training in multiple diciplines to provide individualized psychotherapy, counseling & life/work coaching. Feel free to browse the "About Me" section to learn more or contact me for a preliminary telephone conversation.
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